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We Are the Women Who Shape the Future

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum began with a vision to form a community just for women within the NRA. Since then, it’s grown into so much more, and we are now one of the NRA’s largest and most influential philanthropic groups, sharing our time, our resources, our energy and our passion to protect the Second Amendment and our right to defend ourselves.


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The mountains are calling! Mark your calendar for the 2024 NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Summit, a special annual, ladies-only conference retreat with inspirational women who share your values and a passion for protecting the Second Amendment. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate our freedoms, our friendships, and the special sisterhood that binds us together. 

If you are one of the millions of new firearms owners, have never attended an NRA event, or are looking for new ways to get involved, the WLF Summit is an excellent place to start. This is a warm and welcoming weekend-long event where you’ll have fun, be surrounded by new friends, and leave inspired to take action in your homes and communities. Learn More

Who Is Our Average Member? She's You!

We’re mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, business owners, college students, hunters, target shooters and non-shooters, but we all respect the right to bear arms. Together, we share a passionate desire to protect our freedom and preserve it for future generations.

We Are Committed to Uniting Women of Influence

We Are Committed to Uniting Women of Influence

We Defend Our Second Amendment Freedoms

We Defend Our Second Amendment Freedoms

We Help Ensure the Future of the NRA

We Help Ensure the Future of the NRA


Explore a New World of Opportunity

Here’s your chance to meet like-minded women and expand your network of friendships to include leaders and advocates from across the nation. Our members receive exclusive invitations to annual events, ladies-only shooting opportunities, training programs and more. We’re a vibrant and inspired community, and we’d love to have you join us!


One-of-a-Kind Events to Celebrate One-of-a-Kind Women

Thank you for making all of our previous events a success! We look forward to seeing you in Dallas for our 17th Annual Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction Dallas, TX from May 17 - 19, 2024! Stay tuned for dates for the 2024 fall Women’s Leadership Forum Summit and what is sure to be a powerhouse lineup of guests and speakers.
If you’re interested in membership find more information here.

Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon & Auction

Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon & Auction

View photo galleries from past luncheons here.

Women’s Leadership Forum Summit

Women’s Leadership Forum Summit

View photo galleries from past gatherings here and find out more information about the 2019 Summit in San Antonio here.

“We must support and educate our young people, because they’re the future. The Women’s Leadership Forum understands the need for youth involvement. And, more than anything else, these women will do what it takes to protect these vital programs.”

—Janet Nyce, Women’s Leadership Forum Co-Chair

“I want my grandkids to have memories of the great things they did at grandma’s house. As soon as they’re able to carry a gun, they’ll be out there with me hunting.”

—Brenda Potterfield

“Every year, I am more and more amazed by how much progress we’ve made and how much the Women’s Leadership Forum has grown. We’ve truly become THE home for women who care about their freedom and who want to make a meaningful difference in protecting it.”

—Susan LaPierre, Women’s Leadership Forum Co-Founder

“I don’t hunt, I don’t target shoot, I don’t even own a gun. I’m just a suburban baseball and ballet mom who believes now, more so than ever, that the right to defend ourselves is being trampled! My hope is that, together, we will continue to protect, engage and learn about our precious Second Amendment ... and ‘pay it forward’ to future generations.”

—Julie Hill

“Without our firearms and our Second Amendment rights, we would lose so much, including the time you can spend with your children and grandchildren. It’s amazing when you start bringing people together how much the enthusiasm for shooting sports can spread.”

—Suzie Brewster

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Few causes have such a direct impact on our children, grandchildren and the future of our country as the Second Amendment. We invite you to join us as a woman, a leader and a keystone of America’s treasured legacy of freedom. Come be a part of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and help us shape the future!

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Women's Leadership Forum

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum brings together philanthropic women who share a passion for protecting our cherished Second Amendment freedoms.