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Honoring Our Own

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum is filled with amazing ladies. Whether they’re accomplished shooters, hunters, advocates or philanthropists, we're incredibly proud to call each and every one a member.


Murtland Lifetime Achievement

WLF Lifetime Achievement Award

Every year at the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Luncheon and Auction, the WLF Executive Council presents one of the deserving members with a Lifetime Achievement Award. This prestigious recognition pays tribute to extraordinary women of influence who are innovative leaders and generous philanthropists, drawing upon their stature to go above and beyond to advance education and conservation efforts, protect the right to bear arms and benefit future generations. It is the highest honor awarded by the NRA Office of the Executive Vice President to a member of the WLF. Past honorees have included Marion Hammer (2018), Audrey Murtland (2017), Suzie Brewster (2016), Sandy Froman (2015) and Brenda Potterfield (2014).


SCI Diana Award

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum is presenting sponsor of the prestigious SCI Diana Award, which recognizes female hunters who have made outstanding contributions to conservation and education. Honorees have included: Brenda Potterfield (2019); Angie D. Hall (2018); Denise Welker (2017); Mary Harter (2015); Olivia Nalos Opre (2014); Melanie Pepper (2013); Renee Snider (2012); Suzie Brewster (2011); Charlotte Peyerk (2010); MaryAnnSackman (2009); Abigail Day (2008); Jackie Bartels (2007); Arlene P. Hanson (2006); Sandra Sadler (2005); Sandra Green (2004); Marilyn A. Seegmiller (2003); Deb Cunningham (2002); Mary Cabela (2001); Joan Vernon Gordon (2000); Barbara L. Sackman (1999); Ingrid Poole Williams (1998); Pamela S. Atwood (1997); Casey Schwabland (1996); and Audrey Murtland (1995).

Tales of the Dianas

There’s nothing quite like the bond that forms when women share a common thread of experiences. In the videos below, a roundtable of Diana Award recipients discuss various aspects including the important role that hunters play as stewards of the land and wildlife, the obstacles that they've overcome, and preserving the tradition for future generations.

United in Sisterhood

Shaping the Future

A Diana’s Journey

The Bigger Picture

“In the real world, nobody ever accomplishes anything totally alone. And I’m not any different.”

—Audrey Murtland, 2017 WLF Lifetime Achievement Award and 1995 Diana Award recipient

“Get a woman involved in hunting and you’ll get her whole family. Women are sharers. They want their friends to be involved.”

—Suzie Brewster, 2012 Diana Award recipient

“Women are nurturers, teachers, mothers and wives. If a woman hunts, she provides for her family. But she provides more than meat on the table; she is demonstrating to others what it is to be a true steward of wild places.”

—Olivia Nalos Opre 2014 Diana Award Recipient

“I feel strongly that hunters have to advocate the sport of hunting and teach the non-believers that hunters and first and foremost conservationists.”

—MaryAnn Sackman 2009 Diana Recipient

“I have seen firsthand what a dramatic difference hunting makes in the lives of young people. It improves their self-confidence. It gives them self-esteem. It teaches them ethics and personal responsibility. It matures them with an understanding of their place in nature and the world.”

—Melanie Pepper 2013 Diana Award Winner

“I went from being a recipient of the bounty of the hunt to being a hunter ... what a difference! I came to understand that it was my birthright as well as my responsibility to be a hunter with an appreciation for the game, wild places, and the very real sustenance my hunting provided for indigenous people.”

—Deb Cunningham 2002 Diana Recipient

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