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Our Mission

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum unites women of influence to defend Second Amendment freedoms and help secure the future of the NRA through philanthropic leadership.



Today more than ever, women are playing a vital role in our country. We are changing the tide and we are shaping the future. Not only are we leading a new charge, we are seeking to inspire with our time, energy and finances. Our time is now and we're making the most of it!

Competitive Shooters

Stronger Than Ever In Our Second Decade

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum began more than a decade ago with a vision to form a community just for women within the NRA. Since then, it’s grown into so much more. We are now one of the largest and most influential philanthropic groups within the NRA—and we are gaining momentum every day. As philanthropists, we give because our heart calls us to help. We give because we choose to be part of something bigger than ourselves. And we give because nothing could be more important than the legacy we leave behind.


One Shared Goal: Freedom

We may come from different backgrounds, different places and different interests, but the common thread that binds us is our dedication to the protection of our precious freedoms. There are few causes that have such a direct impact on our children, grandchildren and the future of our country as the Second Amendment. “Many of us shoot and hunt, but ALL of us care about protecting our personal freedoms,” says Susan LaPierre, NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Co-Chair. “We are women of intelligence and thought, generous in spirit, strong in character, self-determined, and we act on, and stand for, what we believe.”

WLF Leadership Council

WLF Leadership Council

Members of the Leadership Council, the highest committee within the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum, are enthusiastic advocates who work closely with the NRA Office of Advancement and other NRA leaders to advance the mission of the Women’s Leadership Forum. Not only are they well-rounded hunters and shooters, Second Amendment advocates and philanthropically minded, they also are leaders within the NRA community who pledge to give or gather $25,000 a year or more in support of the NRA.

WLF Endowment

WLF Endowment

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum Endowment helps secure the future of the NRA through philanthropic leadership. As it grows, it will provide a dependable source of annual funding to financially develop and sustain critical NRA educational, youth and women’s programs in supporting the interests and passions of those who care deeply about the Second Amendment and in cultivating the next generation of leaders. To learn more about the WLF Endowment, contact us at [email protected] or 877-NRA-GIVE

“It’s nice to find a group of like-minded people that enjoy the same things I do and to be able to engage in a whole other way.”

—Katherine Brown Ohlhausen

“I think being in the Women’s Leadership Forum is something that makes women a part of the NRA.”

—Barbara Rumpel

“It’s almost like you’re starting to find yourself—you’re finding your purpose, you’re finding that different part of yourself that you really didn’t know about.”

—Gaye Kelsey

“I think it’s really important that we get the message out to women that they are welcome, that we need them, that we want them, that there is a place for them and that we have programs for them.”

—Sandy Froman

Our event calendar includes our eagerly anticipated luncheon in the spring and an executive summit in the fall, plus much more!

Our ladies are warm and welcoming, passionate and compassionate. Take a few minutes to get to know some of our members.

Want to get the scoop on the latest happenings? We have many ways to stay in touch and get involved, here are just a couple.

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Contact Us at [email protected] or 877-NRA-GIVE

We’d Love For You to Join Us!

Few causes have such a direct impact on our children, grandchildren and the future of our country as the Second Amendment. We invite you to join us as a woman, a leader and a keystone of America’s treasured legacy of freedom. Come be a part of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum and help us shape the future!

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Women's Leadership Forum

The NRA Women’s Leadership Forum brings together philanthropic women who share a passion for protecting our cherished Second Amendment freedoms.